Metaverse Explained

28th October 2021 Mark Zuckerberg announces that he’s switching his company’s name from Facebook to meta this decision was taken to showcase company’s strong belief towards Metaverse.

As expected this step by social network giant made global headlines catching on to the hype created by Facebook, Microsoft also announced their meadows entry in form of virtual avatar integration with Microsoft teams platform Nvidia also jumped into the race with their version of meta was called Omniverse.

Such race between the giants of tech industry clearly suggest whatever this metaphors is it’s clearly a gold mine so let’s start understanding the word meta was by breaking it down it’s made by joining two words meta and verse: meta has several meaning associated to it in latin it means beyond in hebrew it means death but the meaning i am most interested in is in the way how programmer use it for us it means information metadata means data about data so meta just represent virtual or digital information and worse is just a short form of universe so metaverse literally means a virtual universe since these universes are created with bits and bytes instead of atoms human can have full control on it which enables humans to solve real world problems like meeting your friend without traveling owning a luxury beautiful villa participating in a formula one race without fear of death flying like superman getting rid of your tummy and getting a perfectly shaped virtual appearance without push-ups learning how to remove tumor as a move without killing your patients celebrating your birthday on the surface of mars making a t-rex your pet or even bringing back your diseased father to attend your wedding.

Such technologies possibilities are endless and value is immeasurable according to pwc meta wars could be 1.5 trillion dollar industry by year 2030 which explains the race between companies but for you as well early understanding of the mechanics of these metaverses could be fruitful there are a tremendous amount of opportunities ahead of us if we make an early entry into the metaverses to help you understand the several perspective of metavoices i have made this first video of the 10 video series explaining several topics within meta versus like nfts avatars virtual trade risk of meta versus decentralization web 3 metaverse monopoly and much more so keep yourself updated about metaverse with XRDI.

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