Top 10 Metaverse in 2022

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In our previous blog we understood that Metaverses are Virtual Universes where impossible becomes possible and there is a Race going on in between tech giants to build the Metaverse , In this video we’re going to see who are those 10 Metaverses leading the battle in 2022.

Disclaimer for NFT and Crypto folks here i am including mainly Immersive Social VR Experiences as Metaverses and i will be making a separate video for Finance oriented Metaverses.

10: V-Time

If you like Fireside conversations V-Time is a cool place to hang around if offers personalized Avatar and Multiple Locations to host Conversations. It’s on our number 10 because it only offers sitting only experience.

9: Big Screen

Big Screen is the ultimate hangout place for movie lovers, You can enjoy your favorite movie or TV Show with Friends or strangers in VR. Big Screen also offers very elegant Game Stream Solutions.

8: Mozilla Hubs

You must have heard about Mozilla FireFox Browsers. Did you know they’re a leading WebXR Platform as well. Mozilla Hubs advantage is that it runs completely on Web browsers which saves you from installation and you can host upto 25 people in a room. They’ll able to join your conference via Phone, Computer or VR.

7: Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds is Meta’s Dream Project, Mark Zuckerberg first showcased the trailer in September 2019, In the early 2020 first gameplay were completely different than what was promised in trailers and disappointed fans, but facebook kept working on Horizon Improvement and in early 2022 opened the Beta Access for US and Canada. Will this Social XR Metaverse could achieve a Monopoly is still a big question.

6: Sansar

Sansar is a Hindi word which literally means Worlds and as the name suggest Sansar’s art style is futuristic and impressive, You can have Avatars with Legs which is mostly missing in many Metaverse platform, Sansar Hosts all kind of Social Events.

5: Rec Room

Rec Room is a metaverse for fun lovers, You can Hangout with your friends and play games, There are thousands of community created rooms to explore you can build your own mechanics and gadgets. Rec room has investors Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures and Madrona Venture Group, and it recently has raised 145 Million $ at evaluation of $3.5 billion.

4: Engage

Engage is mostly an Educational Metaverse, Specially in Pandemic when entire education industry became digital this kind of Metaverse was heavily needed Engage provide immersive learning and all kind of training simulations, Engage also did all major Tech community Keynotes on their platform.

3: VR Chat

VR Chat needs no introduction, It’s the metaverse on steroids Marriages to divorce everything has happened in this community driven Metaverse. VR Chat has an User base of 22 thousand players on average visit the platform. An entire movie is being shot inside VR Chat.

2: Alt Space VR

Alt Space VR was founded in 2013 and further acquired by Microsoft, Altspace VR is known for it’s community Events. From learning a new language to raising funds, From Standup Comedy Sessions to Science Community Meetups everything is happing at Altspace VR.


Neos is most loved platform by streamer and Pro VR Users. It definitely has a learning curve but when you’re finally comfortable with it there’s no looking back, Neos is the closest thing the Vision of Metaverse usually people have in mind in Neos every object you see can interact as a real world object.

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