Metaverse Visualisation and Social Impact of XR Technology

The future of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) is here.

From exploring the depths of outer space to traversing foreign lands, we will soon be able to explore these new worlds with unprecedented detail and intensity. For many industries, including education, healthcare, entertainment, engineering, media and communications, the technology promises to transform reality itself. In our JioGlass Dev Connect Session, we shared perspectives on how a computer-generated space can influence the social space where people can communicate, create, work together, play and learn. Key Takeaways:

1. Introduction to Metaverse and XR Tech: Roadmap and Opportunities

2. How can the metaverse impact learning and development at the forefront of innovation?

3. How can XR technology help in building and uplifting the social media landscape?

4. Illustration of the Use Cases and Implementation Across Different Sectors.

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